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Aquiline Health Consults is a medical service company registered in Nigeria providing innovative, trusted and cost effective services and solutions in the healthcare sector.

Your one stop hub for all your healthcare needs

A holding company offering healthcare services and pioneering solutions in:

  1. Emergency response and patient transfer;
  2. eHealth solutions and
  3. Onsite clinic management.

Cutting-Edge Health Solutions

By solving healthcare challenges through affordable, easily applicable/accessibility means coupled with technology and its endless possibilities, we have been able to save more lives and generally promote healthy living. This is how we contribute our own quota in augmenting the healthcare sector.

We are

Client focused

You deserve to have a solution that fits your desire. Through our experience and expertise, we are positive we would meet your need within your budget.

We are


We pride ourselves in devising solutions that are cost effective and globally acceptable to increase accessibility to quality healthcare.

We are


We understand your need for quick valuable solutions when in need and this keeps us continually thinking of ways to serve you faster and better.

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